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Jackets, Trousers, Waistcoats and Suits

We have a wide range of suits for retailers and resellers. We have formal, informal, wedding tuxedos and a large variety of different kinds of material because you deserve the best quality at affordable prices. Irrespective of the occasion, be it a wedding, a regular business day or a night out, a person’s body language is strongly influenced by the attire worn and – above all – how it fits.


Slim Fit Suits:

In the same way that a quality workout trims away the excess fat, a quality men's slim-fit suit trims away the excess fabrics.

Classic Fit Suits:

A classic fit suit is quite often referred to as the traditional or American cut. It is highly characterized by the comfort that it brings and the fact that it is very easy to wear.

Modern Fit Suits:

A Modern Fit jacket fits slightly trim through the shoulder and has a closer fit to the chest but is cut a little looser to allow more room between the body and the jacket—allowing room for comfort and movement.

Notch Lapel Suits:

The notched or step lapel is when the lapel is sewn onto the collar of a jacket at an angle, creating a triangle between the two.